Kai Wayne Rooney

3 Nov

I just wanted to take some time to congratulate Coleen and Wayne Rooney on the birth of their first child, Kai Wayne. Coleen has, over the last few years, made her name in the fashion world following WAGs such as Louise Redknapp and Victoria Beckham but Coleen offers us a different take on things.

As the childhood sweatheart of one of England’s most successful young footballers, the future Mrs Rooney had to prove herself to us, since she didn’t arrive from the world of pop where most of the others seem to come from. She already had her man and had to grow with his success. The public scrutiny on who she was and what she was wearing meant she had to embrace fashion quickly and develop a look which told us about her. She had a few false starts – don’t we all? – but she has always remained comfortable with who she is, shunning the Size 0 image which other WAGs (not necessarily the ones mentioned above) appear to endorse and which the media seem to encourage every time they spot someone who’s put on a few pounds.

Coleen Rooney fashion icon

Coleen Rooney - young, free and fabulous!

Coleen may have been aided by her other half, but the success she is experiencing is down to her hardwork and personality which the public have embraced. Coleen has had her own column in Closer magazine, she’s brought us her Real Women TV series and has launched her own fragrance and make-up range – not bad for a 23 year old! Colleen has brought us fashion that real people can see themselves stepping into and out in, thank you!

So, on a day when I’m at peace with the WAGs, congratulations to the happy parents on the birth of their baby boy! I can’t wait to see Coleen’s transformation into Yummy Mummy.


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