When online shopping goes wrong (Burton online store specifically)

5 Nov

I felt that i had to blog about this in case i somehow make BURTON aware of the faults on their website. I have been trying to order some clothes from the website for ages now and all my orders for some reason are declined! This is very weird because im a regular online shopper on major and minor clothing websites and i’ ve never had problems with any of my orders, however with Burton my orders dont even get through. I go through the entire  checkout stage and in the end a message is displayed (your transactions has been declined…) I decided to email them today and said basically that I’ve been on the site about ten times willing to spend at least 50 quid but my orders get declined and I end up spending my money on other major websites like Reiss, Gant etc. They could have made 500 quid just from my orders but the money has gone to other fashion websites that actually work! 500 quid might not be a big loss but what about all the other people out there that might have the exact same problem? Multiply that 500 quid by 100 and that is a lot of money. Im quite sure that it’s not my card that’s got the problem since i shop everywhere else.  Oh well! hopefully they’ ll see this post and fix the site!



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