Jimmy Choo For H&M

11 Nov

This is one of the events in the fashion world that everyone has been waiting for!!We ‘ve been hearing rumours about the collection for ages now but its finally here! According to the H&M website the Jimmy Choo collections is launching on Saturday the 14th of November. It actually mentions on the website that the collection is of very high demand and that they are expecting a big crowd. The queuing system works by handing out the first 160 bracelets to the lucky receivers (If you not fast your last). The bracelet will give you a specific time for you to shop in the designated area. This will only happen for the first hours, as H&M said that at some point during the day they will open their doors for all the customers. I know that this sounds a bit far fetched but it makes sence, we’ve all seen how crazy people go when fashion line launches especially when it involves a well known and established name. By handing out the bracelets H&M will maintain peace in the shop and it will make shopping  a nice experience for everyone! So If you want to find out more information you can just visit the website and find your nearest store.


jimmy choo


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