The Parachute Dress – maybe AllSaints wasn’t first

13 Nov

While checking the BBC website for my morning doze of news I came across an article about a young Belgian girl, Paulette Bisiaux, who had used the silk parachute of a Scots WWII airman to make her First Communion dress. It was obviously quite some time ago and Paulette has recently got in contact with the family to try and find out the history of the parachute and the man who wore it. Sadly the soldier passed away in 1999 but his family were delighted to hear about how his parachute was used and are planning a visit to Belgium next year to meet with Paulette.

It got me wondering if the team at AllSaints were aware of this story long before the rest of us. Last year they gave us their first full-length parachute dress which was so successful they also have this shorter version

AllSaints Parachute Dress - but not the first

It’s available in white, although perhaps a bit big for anyone taking First Communion.  Pretty, only £125 and much easier to negotiate getting in and out of than the full-length dress which actually comes with instructions!


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