Cheryl Cole, Paul Maccartney and Snow Patrol

20 Nov

Cheryl Cole teamed up with snow patrol yesterday for (bbc children in needs charity show) and absolutely rocked it! When i first heard about this collaboration i had my doubts obviously because Cheryl Cole and snow patrol are so different as artists,  i wasn’t sure if that would work. Well i was wrong, the collaboration was amazing and i loved the song. It’s official that Cheryl is the new British queen of Pop since she’s been in the spotlight everyday for the past couple of years, Posh is yesterdays news as Cheryl has been talking to the “Man” Jay z for her big break in the US. The fact that she followed her own side projects apart from her band ” Girls Aloud” made her into a superstar (also the fact that she married Ashley Cole…not bad :-). Below Cheryl is pictured with Sir Paul, and Snow patrol. What a nice picture!!!ahh….snif


One Response to “Cheryl Cole, Paul Maccartney and Snow Patrol”

  1. aimhigh12 November 20, 2009 at 1:48 pm #

    Cheryl Cole is so adorable in here. Love her. I like her earring.

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