Susan Boyle – from Britain’s Got Talent to International Superstar

24 Nov

We do love a bit of celeb and yes, we do tend to focus on the more youthful stars of today but there can be no ignoring the transformation that Scottish singer Susan Boyle has gone through since her initial appearance on Britain’s Got Talent.

Susan at her audition for Britain's Got Talent

We all saw the show and we all saw thousands of people sniggering in their seats as Susan had a pre-performance chat with the judges. The majority of viewers at home were probably having a wee chuckle to themselves as well as producers did their best to set our Susan up for a fall.

Well, the phrase ‘never judge a book by its cover’ sprung to mind as Susan delivered a jaw dropping performance that brought the audience to their feet and propelled her to superstar status within hours of it airing on national television and was very soon making it’s way around the world via You Tube.

It’s the perfect fairy tale story of someone who deserves to do well in life. It didn’t happen without a few aches and pains along the way but Susan Boyle finally released her album, I Dreamed A Dream, yesterday. It had already broken all records for the highest number of sales an album has ever received on pre-order and will no doubt break a few more before the end of the week.

Susan performed her version of the Rolling Stones’ Wild Horses on the X Factor on Sunday night receiving a standing ovation from the audience and a beaming smile from Simon Cowell, before jetting back over to the States to promote the album launch. What a difference an album deal and a bit of self confidence makes, you’d barely recognise her!

Sparkling at the X Factor

Well done Susan – we wish you every bit of luck as you continue to show the world we don’t have to fit with convention to achieve our dreams! The fan sites say it all.


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