Michelle Obama

27 Nov

It’s a been a while now since Barack Obama won the election and was elected the first African American president of the United states. Since then a lot has been said about the first lady’s style (Michelle Obama) both positive and negative. Obviously she all the attention will be on her and whatever she wears will be criticized, and will probably receive bad, good and in some cases racist comments. That’s what annoys me, the racist comments, how can we tolerate this behavior from these people who write this things. I have been googling Michelle Obama to find out more about her and mostly about the fashion designers she likes, who dresses her etc. While i was looking up Information about her i came across some very offensive and racist websites that all w users to create a discussions group and network. Most of the comments on these websites are really offensive, racist and horrible. I can’t believe that some people out there can say these things and actually believe that African American people are lower down in the whole ” race hierarchy”. This is ridiculous! A lot of people blamed Google with the recent incident with that photoshoped picture of Michelle Obama, Google apologized but in the end its not google its the people, the internet is a reflection of what people are in real life and in some cases due to anonymity people can really express what they feel. Its just really sad and pathetic that some people are like that.


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