Are American Apparel adverts too explicit?

29 Jan

I’m sure you have all seen all the American apparel adverts on blogs and major networks out there. Massive Blogs like the sartorialist and fashion toast include AA adverts every month. I had never heard of American Apparel until i saw those adverts a while ago, i also read that AA recently (4 years) ago broke into the mainstream as they were just a common clothing company. Personally i think they used a brilliant marketing strategy that basically consisted of advertising on multiple blogs to increase brand awareness. The images might be quite shocking and a little bit too much for people, however i believe that those explicit images and adverts actually worked miracles for them! They ‘ve grown so much over the last couple of years, starting new trends and engaging in the blogging community. The point is that the product is good, the quality is good and available at  reasonable price. I also like the fact that AA haven’t outsourced all the production as they do everything in-house in LA, It claims to have the ‘highest earning apparel workers in the world’.

So what do you guys think?

Are American Apparel adverts too explicit?


2 Responses to “Are American Apparel adverts too explicit?”

  1. Kirafashion January 29, 2010 at 6:33 pm #

    It really is, however, now, they really have their space in the market and their store are all about the 80s…so a fashionista heaven!

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