Leighton Meester! Hot or not?

30 Aug

I have always been a big fan of gossip girl and i absolutely love all the different outfits we have seen in the past season! Leighton Meester always looked amazing in all those cocktail dresses however i don’t always like what everything she wears when she’s not on screen! Obviously they have got loads of wardrobe assistants, directors and stylists that advise them on all the outfits & trends for every episode which I’m very jealous of and i think anyone would! Imagine getting gall those clothes for free and on top of that getting loads of people styling you up! Anyway i am i fan of Leighton Meester and yes i do think shes hot!!what do you think? however i think that sometimes she goes a little bit too far with the outfits on the red carpet! She’s the kind of of girl that suits simple outfits! She doesnt need to make much of an effort to stand out!

Leighton Meester -Hot or not?

Goosip girl Style

Leighton Meester Style

Leighton Meester fashion

Leighton Meester fashion

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