I love fashion, I just can’t always be bothered with the effort that goes into getting into getting the latest must-have. I can’t stand shopping on a busy weekend, where the shops are always too hot and you can never get to what you want or be bothered to wait in the queue to try it on. This is where the internet comes in to play; simply order what you want, try it on at your leisure and then keep or return – admittedly returning items starts to make it an expensive affair but I like to think I’ve saved on petrol, parking and buying stuff I didn’t really need – I also think I must save a few years of my life by keeping my stress levels down.

I should point out that I work in fashion, dealing with many different brands from mainstream youth wear to high-end designers and see loads of different styles every day and this helps me get new ideas of what to look out for and what styles are in for the season ahead. I hope to be able to share with you a little of what I see – sometimes I’ll love it and you’ll hate it and other times I’ll be shaking my head in disgust while the rest of the fashion world can’t get enough of it. Is this fashion? I don’t know but I can give you my take and let you know what I think and what the rest of the fashion world is saying. Enjoy!


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