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The makings of the Queen

12 Dec

Kate Middleton is fast becoming a style icon, with her appropriately chosen outfits seamlessly matching every occasion.The girl has set the style columns on fire and has quickly left behind the university lifestyle dresses and is shaping up to the task of being the poster girl for traditional and contemporary dressing.

For her iconic engagement pictures her choice of dress  show her beautifully adorned in a classic Reiss women’s dress.

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Knit Tops and Stuff

7 Nov

Katie Waissell has grabbed many headlines during her days as a singing contestant on TV’s reality show, so it as nice to see her grabbing headlines for her fashion sense, snapped wearing a Bench hooded cardigan!

She has appeared in a whole host of outfits, some more garish than fashionable, but this post rehearsal dress down is by far my personal favourite. Her performance on stage of Gwen Stefani’s No Doubt classic Don’t Speak was equally mindblowing.

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Leighton Meester! Hot or not?

30 Aug

I have always been a big fan of gossip girl and i absolutely love all the different outfits we have seen in the past season! Leighton Meester always looked amazing in all those cocktail dresses however i don’t always like what everything she wears when she’s not on screen! Obviously they have got loads of wardrobe assistants, directors and stylists that advise them on all the outfits & trends for every episode which I’m very jealous of and i think anyone would! Imagine getting gall those clothes for free and on top of that getting loads of people styling you up! Anyway i am i fan of Leighton Meester and yes i do think shes hot!!what do you think? however i think that sometimes she goes a little bit too far with the outfits on the red carpet! She’s the kind of of girl that suits simple outfits! She doesnt need to make much of an effort to stand out!

Leighton Meester -Hot or not?

Goosip girl Style

Leighton Meester Style

Leighton Meester fashion

Leighton Meester fashion

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Kristen Stewart Poll Results

20 May

Kristen Stewart Hot or Not Poll Results

Rachel Bilson Style!

20 Apr

I have always loved Rachel Bilsons style, she gets it right most of the times and she never goes over the top! She always plays with layers and colorful combinations. From what I’ve seen so far she always tends to change her style and experiment with different looks, which always work on her, i don’t think if seen her in an outfit that doesn’t quite suit her. The picture displayed below is a recent one from, i just love the colour patterns on that dress! She definitely gets all the attention in that dress! I like how Rachels style has evolved from the OC days( 2nd pic)

Rachel Bilsons style

Rachel Bilsons style



Pop star turns fashionman

10 Mar

We are in the middle of the fashion show season and this time around Paris welcomes a different type of fashion parade. This season, there are an increasing focus on brands that incorporate a rustic feel to their image.

It is the classic style that catwalk designers are promoting for the sartorial man. The designers are surely aware celebs view the madmen fashions as a statement.

In an era when men featured in the fashion staples, the influences of the 1950’s and 1980’s are prevailing on the catwalks. Madmen styles are enjoying a revival.  A man who  is less familiar with this fashion choice is Pete Doherty.

The fact that he embraced the styles is a healthy reflection of the times we live in. The fashion man within was certainly at home amongst the cool chic of Paris left bank.

Lady Gaga’s Dress

2 Feb

I need to give it away to Lady Gaga this time as she stole the show at the Grammys this year. She changed her outfit 3 times and all three were amazingly weird and entertaining, because that’s what the Grammys are all about. Out of all the outfits i picked the Armani prive pictured below. Although  Taylor Swift, J.Lo an loads of other celebrities turned up in amazing outfits you can’t  really compete with lady gaga in this dress!!It’s just something else.  The lobster shoes added even more edge to the entire look. I wonder what she’s going to get up to next?