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The makings of the Queen

12 Dec

Kate Middleton is fast becoming a style icon, with her appropriately chosen outfits seamlessly matching every occasion.The girl has set the style columns on fire and has quickly left behind the university lifestyle dresses and is shaping up to the task of being the poster girl for traditional and contemporary dressing.

For her iconic engagement pictures her choice of dress  show her beautifully adorned in a classic Reiss women’s dress.

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Autumn Winter Dresses 2010 & Styles look out for!

20 Sep

This season is all about the glamorous dresses! From the fashion shows i have been to recently and all the previews i can tell that this seasons dresses are heavily inspired by the late 1950s early 1960s. Look out for full length 1950s style womens dresses! This season vintage dresses and clothing in general are in!!Look out for polka dot vintage dresses, jersey dresses, printed t-shirt dresses, leopard print dresses, lace dresses & vintage flare dresses.

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Floral dresses

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Leighton Meester! Hot or not?

30 Aug

I have always been a big fan of gossip girl and i absolutely love all the different outfits we have seen in the past season! Leighton Meester always looked amazing in all those cocktail dresses however i don’t always like what everything she wears when she’s not on screen! Obviously they have got loads of wardrobe assistants, directors and stylists that advise them on all the outfits & trends for every episode which I’m very jealous of and i think anyone would! Imagine getting gall those clothes for free and on top of that getting loads of people styling you up! Anyway i am i fan of Leighton Meester and yes i do think shes hot!!what do you think? however i think that sometimes she goes a little bit too far with the outfits on the red carpet! She’s the kind of of girl that suits simple outfits! She doesnt need to make much of an effort to stand out!

Leighton Meester -Hot or not?

Goosip girl Style

Leighton Meester Style

Leighton Meester fashion

Leighton Meester fashion

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I want to go to London Fashion Week!!!

25 Aug

I have already started upgrading my wardrobe for autumn and I’m really liking the new reiss line! I absolutely love these two outfits i picked up from their website the other day! I’m also really excited about London Fashion week and the Reiss show, I’m hoping to get invites to a couple of shows so fingers crossed! I have never been to London fashion week before and i missed my opportunity last years as i had invites for some events however i couldn’t attend on those dates because of my Job!!

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Gorgeous Lace Dress & Polkadot Sequeen Dress

7 Jun

I went shopping this weekend and I came across some really nice items at Reiss. I shop there every now and then because the quality of the clothes is so much better than the likes of Topshop, River Island etc. When the sale is on Reiss tend to reduce everything to really good prices so it’s really worth keeping an eye out for the sales.  I’m  really into lace dresses and skirts lately so I thought this item would be ideal for all of you out there looking for a lace skirt.

Lace Skirt

Casual Lace Skirt

This Lace Skirt is available at Reiss for only £55.

One of  the other items i spotted was a gorgeous Sequin polkadot Dress. It’ s Available at Reiss for only £59.Reiss Polkadot Sequin Dress

Glee Fashion & Style!

2 Jun

Since Glee was aired in May I have been hooked to my TV waiting for the next episode. It has only been on for a few months and already everyone seems to love that show, some people don’t admit it but deep inside they do and they secretly watch it! I don’t know if it’s the singing or all the different characters that everyone likes ? I obviously enjoy all the singing and the fact that it’s ridiculously American ” ice cream” to the extreme but I also enjoy all the different outfits in this show! You don’t really see any outfits like that in shows anymore and all characters in glee have got a different unique style! I really like Emma Pillsbury vintage dresses and outfits see wears, I think the outfits suit her character too, that’s what they got right! I have to say that Rachel Berry’s style is amazing, I like all the old school 50’s outfits and skirts she wears! Kurt Hummel has to be the best dressed guy on TV right now!

Glee Fashion!

Rachel Berry Style

Rachel Berry Glee Fashion

Kurt Hummel Style!

Kurt Hummel Style!

Kristen Stewart Poll Results

20 May

Kristen Stewart Hot or Not Poll Results