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Polo Shirts

21 Jun

I have noticed that polo shirts are back in fashion and the preppy/casual look is trending this  season! Personally i think polo shirts are always in fashion as it’s a simple clothing item that can be combined with loads of different styles! I bought the polo shirt pictured below and team it up with a nice pair of chinos and some boat shoes which for me is an ideal casual look for this summer!

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Versatile Apparel Menswear

25 May

Versatile Apparel is a new, premium-end menswear fashion brand offering a full range of clothing and accessories, crafted and hand finished by the finest Italian factories. I came acrross their clothing range recently and i must say im already loving this brand!!They also have limite luxury pieces i.e. the Boy meets Boy’ T-shirt which features 2236 crystals and comes in a Swarovski version for those who really want to make a statement and get noticed.

Versatile apparel mens clothing

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Fit for a King

15 Jan

It is the classic clothing apparel, the chinos and polo look that has often been labelled dull and old. Wearing classic blue shirts with mens chino trousers is good enough for a future King, then it makes it onto the Is this Fashion list of must-have styles.

Princes William and Prince Harry both make this style work, it is effortless yet alluring, as Kate Middleton would agree! The preppy designers are happy to witness this fashion reinvigorated by the two Princes.

The length of trouser is all important, with many citing the ankle length chino being the ideal style for men. Designer Michael Bastian and his Gant Rugger style emulates this enduring casual trouser fashion.

Elle | Michael Bastian for GANT! Too Cool For School

19 Nov

Michael Bastian had delivered once again and he has put an amazing collection together for Gant! I absolutely love the vintage/ preppy/ nautical elements that clearly stand out in this collection and it also reminds of some of the Sartorialist photography in Italy and France. Michael Bastian has been inspired by the European summer flair of 2010 and has put together a really cool clothing line! Too Cool for School!!!!!!!

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

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Denim Blues are the season’s best

13 Oct

Is denim still in fashion ? Though you won’t always be classed as cool because you wear denims, it remains an enduring classic appearance associated with jeans wearers.

The latest jeans style is always something to behold. It is such a vintage clothing item, that many should expect to see more and more denims on the catwalks. Trousers are symbolic of menswear but nowadays we have boyfriend jeans for girls. It is as though fashion conventions have turned on their head!

The cut of a well worn pair of jeans is something men have to pay close attention to. If they want to impress on a first date, then choosing boot cut, will create the impression that he is in control, and a master of his own fashion identity.

Is the older celebrities wearing jeans uncool? I know I would wear them when I am older. Denim jeans are comfortable, and have survived decades of wear. Coupled with a denim shirt, and you have the double denim classic look.

Denim is fashionable around the world, in colder climates such as Scandinavia, jeans are worn religiously and now appear to have sparked a generation of wearers. Fashion labels such as Day birger, with its Day Denim range. Here is  a whole range of  Day Birger Shirts that are classic and comfortable.

Double Denim

Fashion Week Hot Topics

25 Feb

London being the centre for design and notorious for its creativity, across the last 25 years has held a successful week. Interest has centred on the plus size models and the use of fur by leading fashion designers. The challenge for fashion players is to design for a new generation. Historically, this brings out the adventurous designers, like Lee McQueen.It is expected there will be an emerging group of designers ready to influence a new generation of fashion followers.

The customary buzz of bloggers and twitter fingers wasn’t as prominent at LFW, perhaps a realisation that all the AW designs weren’t as ground breaking as expected, or maybe the great McQueen has left a void in UK fashion. There is a big year ahead though, as a lot of responsibility falls on designers to innovate and to lead us into a post recession era of fashion. Expect some classic styles, the emergence of eco friendly wool garments and above all the creation of some styles which can set the tone for the decade.

Are American Apparel adverts too explicit?

29 Jan

I’m sure you have all seen all the American apparel adverts on blogs and major networks out there. Massive Blogs like the sartorialist and fashion toast include AA adverts every month. I had never heard of American Apparel until i saw those adverts a while ago, i also read that AA recently (4 years) ago broke into the mainstream as they were just a common clothing company. Personally i think they used a brilliant marketing strategy that basically consisted of advertising on multiple blogs to increase brand awareness. The images might be quite shocking and a little bit too much for people, however i believe that those explicit images and adverts actually worked miracles for them! They ‘ve grown so much over the last couple of years, starting new trends and engaging in the blogging community. The point is that the product is good, the quality is good and available at  reasonable price. I also like the fact that AA haven’t outsourced all the production as they do everything in-house in LA, It claims to have the ‘highest earning apparel workers in the world’.

So what do you guys think?

Are American Apparel adverts too explicit?