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Polo Shirts

21 Jun

I have noticed that polo shirts are back in fashion and the preppy/casual look is trending this  season! Personally i think polo shirts are always in fashion as it’s a simple clothing item that can be combined with loads of different styles! I bought the polo shirt pictured below and team it up with a nice pair of chinos and some boat shoes which for me is an ideal casual look for this summer!

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Elle | Michael Bastian for GANT! Too Cool For School

19 Nov

Michael Bastian had delivered once again and he has put an amazing collection together for Gant! I absolutely love the vintage/ preppy/ nautical elements that clearly stand out in this collection and it also reminds of some of the Sartorialist photography in Italy and France. Michael Bastian has been inspired by the European summer flair of 2010 and has put together a really cool clothing line! Too Cool for School!!!!!!!

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

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Are American Apparel adverts too explicit?

29 Jan

I’m sure you have all seen all the American apparel adverts on blogs and major networks out there. Massive Blogs like the sartorialist and fashion toast include AA adverts every month. I had never heard of American Apparel until i saw those adverts a while ago, i also read that AA recently (4 years) ago broke into the mainstream as they were just a common clothing company. Personally i think they used a brilliant marketing strategy that basically consisted of advertising on multiple blogs to increase brand awareness. The images might be quite shocking and a little bit too much for people, however i believe that those explicit images and adverts actually worked miracles for them! They ‘ve grown so much over the last couple of years, starting new trends and engaging in the blogging community. The point is that the product is good, the quality is good and available at  reasonable price. I also like the fact that AA haven’t outsourced all the production as they do everything in-house in LA, It claims to have the ‘highest earning apparel workers in the world’.

So what do you guys think?

Are American Apparel adverts too explicit?

Best dressed girl 09

31 Dec

I discovered this blog a while ago and i fell in love with it instantly, however i was a bit gutted because i couldn’t read it… Elinkan or Elin Kan is a Swedish fashion blog that is also part or Radar Magazine. Due to the fact that most of the blog is in Swedish i cannot find much information about the girl pictured, the only fact i know is that she’s part of a well known fashion/culture/music network called Radar magazine. If you go through the blog you ll see that the quality of the photos have improved dramatically since 2007 and also her personal style has evolved over the years. I think She is probably one the best dressed bloggers out there just now and that’s because she doesn’t follow and specific styles, she tends surprise her readers every time she’s posts a new look, you don’t really know what to expect, but you do know that its going to be good whatever it is. Its the kind of website that makes go back several times a week either to go through all her posts again or to check for any updates. You need to see for yourselves.

Cheryl Cole or Dannii Minogue?Who’s your style icon?

23 Nov

Who do you think does it better? Cheryl Cole or Dannii Minogue? Personally i think they both have a really good luck going on and most of the fashion blogs and websites out there reference them as style icons however there’s a bit of a war i think between them. Both of them are trying to hard to win the x factor style icon title and sometimes , some specific looks that we’ve seen are a little bit too much! It’s not a bad thing, it’s just that nobody else would wear outfits like that and i personally appreciate style icons that don’t try to hard to impress with attention seeking outfits! I refer to stars like Rachel bilson, Alexa Chung and celebrities that inspire people by just keeping it simple. I have found some photos of them both so i though i’d let you boys and girls vote!! Who do you prefer style wise??

Hats off to the Trilby!

23 Nov

It appears that one of this season’s hottest accessories is the trilby. Anyone who is someone is wearing one!

Katherine Heigl wears her trilby at a slant.

Beyonce has some cool detailing on hers

Oscar winner Marion Cotillard adds some style to her outfit

But where to buy a good trilby?

Well, store of the moment Reiss happens to have a few amazing trilby hats starting at just £39.

Reiss Medoc Black, £39

Reiss Medocstud Cream, £49

Reiss Parkerstud Black, £49

Perfect, I’m sure you’ll agree! And, you can get them all online at – what are you waiting for?


B is for Burberry (the trench coat)!

19 Nov

Burberry last week launched its social networking site – The Art of the Trench – and has already received over 200,000 unique users. Quite an achievement – especially since you have to upload a picture of yourself wearing a Burberry trench, I’ll be honest and say I wouldn’t have expected that many people to own a Burberry trench given prices start at £395 for men and £595 for women!

Classic Burberry

It’s possible I’m jealous as my current trench comes from Asos own label – not to be knocked, but not quite Burberry. I guess if you’ve got to buy anything Burberry you should really begin with the trademark trench! Maybe next year…