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Elle | Michael Bastian for GANT! Too Cool For School

19 Nov

Michael Bastian had delivered once again and he has put an amazing collection together for Gant! I absolutely love the vintage/ preppy/ nautical elements that clearly stand out in this collection and it also reminds of some of the Sartorialist photography in Italy and France. Michael Bastian has been inspired by the European summer flair of 2010 and has put together a really cool clothing line! Too Cool for School!!!!!!!

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

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Jil Sander Spring/Summer 2010

29 Jan

I just found out about this collection so i thought i might as well spread the word!It’s the 2010 Spring/Summer Jil Sander footwear collection. I love the  light and soft colour shades used for this collection!Ideal for this summer

Best dressed girl 09

31 Dec

I discovered this blog a while ago and i fell in love with it instantly, however i was a bit gutted because i couldn’t read it… Elinkan or Elin Kan is a Swedish fashion blog that is also part or Radar Magazine. Due to the fact that most of the blog is in Swedish i cannot find much information about the girl pictured, the only fact i know is that she’s part of a well known fashion/culture/music network called Radar magazine. If you go through the blog you ll see that the quality of the photos have improved dramatically since 2007 and also her personal style has evolved over the years. I think She is probably one the best dressed bloggers out there just now and that’s because she doesn’t follow and specific styles, she tends surprise her readers every time she’s posts a new look, you don’t really know what to expect, but you do know that its going to be good whatever it is. Its the kind of website that makes go back several times a week either to go through all her posts again or to check for any updates. You need to see for yourselves.

Leighton Meester favorite and not so favorite outfits.

18 Dec

Leighton Meester is known for her role as Blair in smash hit TV series gossip girl, but she’s been the center of attention in the fashion world for a the past year. Everybody references the looks and i have even met people that watch the show just to get style updates and inspiration for their wardrobe. I recently got into the show 2, I’m not madly keen however i do think they ‘ve got excellent stylists and the looks are always spot on! They’ve been starting new trends for a while now and Leighton Meester is in the spotlight of all this attention! I come across a lot of blogs and i always pay attention to what she’s wearing. She kicked of by impressing everyone with her amazing style and good looks however lately she’s went over the top with some outfits, i know that Leighton has got a natural charisma of going for certain outfits that most of the people would look ridiculous in and shine like a star, however I’m kind of disappointed with the latest outfits, she needs to bring back the classy style she always used to go, we all know she’s capable of pulling it of again. Here are some of my favorite and..not so favorite outfits.

Lovely dress…!

Brogues are my religion

17 Dec

I absolutely love brogues,  and i love the fact that women are actually wearing men’s brogues and are doing it well! Since the sartorialist kicked of into the blogosphere, i think it changed quite a lot of things in the fashion industry and it definitely promoted the entire brogue look, i think this happened because although brogues are English, this type of shoe was always very popular in European countries, and the sartorialist exposed that look and made it global. I’ve seen quite a lot of people wearing brogues and combining them with loads of different looks, I’ve found some photos online that really inspiring me, here we go.

The best looks for this season.

8 Dec

I know it’s been a while since I last posted but I have been so busy with work..Christmas is coming up and I’m getting prepared, getting presents and waiting for holiday! I decided to write this blog post to pay tribute to some of my favorite fashion blogs and websites and to put together in one blog post my favorite styles for this season! I spend hours every week on other blogs, I have got a massive list, its inspiring I guess because you get to view different styles from all around the world, so obviously by now you probably now that I’m a big fan of street blogs..Anyway this a collection I’ve put together love all the looks here!

I just love this outfit!i like the way she’s combined it with that cool hat which adds so much to the entire look!

This is a look that i like 2, its so different from the previous one which is kind of loud and poppy,this is more sophisticated and studenty. I really like the shoes and the bag in this look!

Long & oversized cardigans are really in this season and i really love this one! I found this photo on lookbook and fell in love with it instantly. Its an every day casual look-and its ideal for the season when its freezing outside!!.

This is a lo0k i come across quite a lot these days, its easy, you just pick out a nice vintage floral dress , red tights and  a nice jacket, coat , peacoat…The entire folk music fashion trend is really kicking of right now.

This is a more light look for the people that live in warm countries (we live in Scotland aka Sibiria). I just love the brogues!!!

Kristen Stewart. Hot or not?

25 Nov

No surprises, the new moon brought in an impressing 258.8 million $ worldwide according to the latest studio estimates on Sunday.  I was kind of expecting that because of the success of the first movie. Everybody is talking about the cast and loads of rumors and stories are going round about all the gossip behind the seems, but nobody seems to know the truth about these things, it seems that quite a lot of stories are made up just to gain publicity. The Cast have been touring around the world like crazy, going from country to country for the twilight saga tour. Robert Patinson and Billy Burke usually just  wear a suit, everybody is looking out for Kristen Stewart and her gorgeous dresses! Here are some Photos from the tour!