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Kristen Stewart Poll Results

20 May

Kristen Stewart Hot or Not Poll Results


Dianna Agron Style

5 May

Dianna Agron  also known as Quinn Fabray is the gorgeous Glee actress and singer that we usually see in a cheerleader outfit, however this time she’s wearing a gorgeous dress by Georges Chakra Spring collection 2010. She actually looks so different in this dress, very grown up and sophisticated, the silver embellishments look really nice and the red lipstick adds a lot of character to the overall look! I would love to see her picking up a more 60’s- vintage kind of look like Zooey Deschanels style.

Dianna Agron

Rock & Roll Couture

3 May

Elvis Jesus are an amazing brand from the UK that stand out because of their hand finished rock roll couture and attitude towards the Fashion Industry. Elvis Jesus launched in 1997 and since then they have been embracing a rock and roll philosophy and a cult style towards their line of clothing. You will find that most of the T-shirts and shirt dresses are embellished with beautiful sequins, beads, and hand finished with really nice embroidery. They have also released a cult collection that is only available online. The cult line is inspired by cult  movies and rock and roll icons like David Bowie and the sex pistols.

Elvis Jesus hand finished Tees

Elvis Jesus

Plus Size Models Give Fast Show, London Fashion Week 2010

24 Feb

This is the second occasion that Mark Fast has created a storm at fashion week, and has re-opened the plus size models debate. His use of “curvy” models was relatively well received at London Fashion week. Last time, their was a staff walkout in protest. Also, in Sydney last year, Myer used plus sized models. Lucy Shropshall currently starring on America’s next top model is making a name for herself, and not because she is a size 14.
What chance do young aspiring girls have of loving their self image ? There is a responsibility for fashion designers to unite and agree on principle to a fairer policy on this.
Ralph Lauren who always likes to addi in his opinion on anything fashion related, fuelled the debate when he fired an “over-sized model” for being “too fat” . This should be the exception to the rule. Personally, these girls do more to show off the clothing than many other models I have seen during fashion week.

Happy new year everybody!All the best

31 Dec

Lindsay Lohan’s Controversial photo shoot!

15 Dec

I’m not sure what to think of this? Has anybody seen Lindsay Lohan’s new photo shoot? Am I the last person here that knows about it? He re new photoshoot for Muse magazine is very revealing, you need to see for yourself, It’s inspired by the original Kate Moss and Johnny Depp photo shoot that pictures them both in bed, however its not as good. Everybody knows that photos with that kind of content sell, is she hoping to restart her career by doing this? With these things you need to be careful because you can either boost your career and make every single magazine and newspaper/blog talking about you, or you can just completely destroy your career and put you in the bad books! What are your opinions on this? I would really like to see what’s going to happen and how this will affect her career, you saw what happened to Paris Hilton when that legendary taped leaked online.

Click  here to see the video and photoshoot

Jimmy Choo Limited Edition Tote

16 Nov

With Jimmy Choo all over the papers, the internet and, well, just about everything and anything linked to fashion and H&M I couldn’t resist but show you this Jimmy Choo tote which I’ve just spotted on Net-A-Porter.

Jimmy Choo Rocks the British Look

Sadly it doesn’t come with an H&M price tag but you know what, if I happened to have a spare £550 lying around I might just treat myself. Unfortunately I don’t, I wonder if Santa does…