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Day Birger

20 Oct

Have you checked out the new Day Birger online store? If you haven’t i strongly recommend you do that now!!I recently discovered this brand and i absolutely love their new range. The new range had a vintage feel to it, the lace dresses and their silk/velvet range are amazing and are selling out fast! It the kind of brand that would probably dress the likes of Alexa Chung and Zoey Deschannel as both of them go for that formal but at the same time vintage look.

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Autumn Winter Dresses 2010 & Styles look out for!

20 Sep

This season is all about the glamorous dresses! From the fashion shows i have been to recently and all the previews i can tell that this seasons dresses are heavily inspired by the late 1950s early 1960s. Look out for full length 1950s style womens dresses! This season vintage dresses and clothing in general are in!!Look out for polka dot vintage dresses, jersey dresses, printed t-shirt dresses, leopard print dresses, lace dresses & vintage flare dresses.

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Floral dresses

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Glee Fashion & Style!

2 Jun

Since Glee was aired in May I have been hooked to my TV waiting for the next episode. It has only been on for a few months and already everyone seems to love that show, some people don’t admit it but deep inside they do and they secretly watch it! I don’t know if it’s the singing or all the different characters that everyone likes ? I obviously enjoy all the singing and the fact that it’s ridiculously American ” ice cream” to the extreme but I also enjoy all the different outfits in this show! You don’t really see any outfits like that in shows anymore and all characters in glee have got a different unique style! I really like Emma Pillsbury vintage dresses and outfits see wears, I think the outfits suit her character too, that’s what they got right! I have to say that Rachel Berry’s style is amazing, I like all the old school 50’s outfits and skirts she wears! Kurt Hummel has to be the best dressed guy on TV right now!

Glee Fashion!

Rachel Berry Style

Rachel Berry Glee Fashion

Kurt Hummel Style!

Kurt Hummel Style!


22 Jan

Happy friday everyone, i have been round some amazing blogs and i always tend to save all the looks and photos that inspire me. So here is a collection photos that really inspire me! Take a look at them and tell me what you think.

Best dressed girl 09

31 Dec

I discovered this blog a while ago and i fell in love with it instantly, however i was a bit gutted because i couldn’t read it… Elinkan or Elin Kan is a Swedish fashion blog that is also part or Radar Magazine. Due to the fact that most of the blog is in Swedish i cannot find much information about the girl pictured, the only fact i know is that she’s part of a well known fashion/culture/music network called Radar magazine. If you go through the blog you ll see that the quality of the photos have improved dramatically since 2007 and also her personal style has evolved over the years. I think She is probably one the best dressed bloggers out there just now and that’s because she doesn’t follow and specific styles, she tends surprise her readers every time she’s posts a new look, you don’t really know what to expect, but you do know that its going to be good whatever it is. Its the kind of website that makes go back several times a week either to go through all her posts again or to check for any updates. You need to see for yourselves.