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Autumn Winter Dresses 2010 & Styles look out for!

20 Sep

This season is all about the glamorous dresses! From the fashion shows i have been to recently and all the previews i can tell that this seasons dresses are heavily inspired by the late 1950s early 1960s. Look out for full length 1950s style womens dresses! This season vintage dresses and clothing in general are in!!Look out for polka dot vintage dresses, jersey dresses, printed t-shirt dresses, leopard print dresses, lace dresses & vintage flare dresses.

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Floral dresses

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I want to go to London Fashion Week!!!

25 Aug

I have already started upgrading my wardrobe for autumn and I’m really liking the new reiss line! I absolutely love these two outfits i picked up from their website the other day! I’m also really excited about London Fashion week and the Reiss show, I’m hoping to get invites to a couple of shows so fingers crossed! I have never been to London fashion week before and i missed my opportunity last years as i had invites for some events however i couldn’t attend on those dates because of my Job!!

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Hats off to the Trilby!

23 Nov

It appears that one of this season’s hottest accessories is the trilby. Anyone who is someone is wearing one!

Katherine Heigl wears her trilby at a slant.

Beyonce has some cool detailing on hers

Oscar winner Marion Cotillard adds some style to her outfit

But where to buy a good trilby?

Well, store of the moment Reiss happens to have a few amazing trilby hats starting at just £39.

Reiss Medoc Black, £39

Reiss Medocstud Cream, £49

Reiss Parkerstud Black, £49

Perfect, I’m sure you’ll agree! And, you can get them all online at www.Reiss.co.uk – what are you waiting for?