Polo Shirts

21 Jun

I have noticed that polo shirts are back in fashion and the preppy/casual look is trending this  season! Personally i think polo shirts are always in fashion as it’s a simple clothing item that can be combined with loads of different styles! I bought the polo shirt pictured below and team it up with a nice pair of chinos and some boat shoes which for me is an ideal casual look for this summer!

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Summer clothing ideas

16 Jun

The summer festival season is here and i have picked my favourite festival clothing items! What festivals are you attending this season?


#1) Day Birger Suede Skirt

Day Birger Suede Dress


#2) Day Birger Lace Dress

Day Birger lace mix dress


#3) Day Birger ladies Shorts

Ladies Shorts



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Versatile Apparel Menswear

25 May

Versatile Apparel is a new, premium-end menswear fashion brand offering a full range of clothing and accessories, crafted and hand finished by the finest Italian factories. I came acrross their clothing range recently and i must say im already loving this brand!!They also have limite luxury pieces i.e. the Boy meets Boy’ T-shirt which features 2236 crystals and comes in a Swarovski version for those who really want to make a statement and get noticed.

Versatile apparel mens clothing

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Fit for a King

15 Jan

It is the classic clothing apparel, the chinos and polo look that has often been labelled dull and old. Wearing classic blue shirts with mens chino trousers is good enough for a future King, then it makes it onto the Is this Fashion list of must-have styles.

Princes William and Prince Harry both make this style work, it is effortless yet alluring, as Kate Middleton would agree! The preppy designers are happy to witness this fashion reinvigorated by the two Princes.

The length of trouser is all important, with many citing the ankle length chino being the ideal style for men. Designer Michael Bastian and his Gant Rugger style emulates this enduring casual trouser fashion.

The makings of the Queen

12 Dec

Kate Middleton is fast becoming a style icon, with her appropriately chosen outfits seamlessly matching every occasion.The girl has set the style columns on fire and has quickly left behind the university lifestyle dresses and is shaping up to the task of being the poster girl for traditional and contemporary dressing.

For her iconic engagement pictures her choice of dress  show her beautifully adorned in a classic Reiss women’s dress.

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Elle | Michael Bastian for GANT! Too Cool For School

19 Nov

Michael Bastian had delivered once again and he has put an amazing collection together for Gant! I absolutely love the vintage/ preppy/ nautical elements that clearly stand out in this collection and it also reminds of some of the Sartorialist photography in Italy and France. Michael Bastian has been inspired by the European summer flair of 2010 and has put together a really cool clothing line! Too Cool for School!!!!!!!

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

gant -Michael Bastian

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Knit Tops and Stuff

7 Nov

Katie Waissell has grabbed many headlines during her days as a singing contestant on TV’s reality show, so it as nice to see her grabbing headlines for her fashion sense, snapped wearing a Bench hooded cardigan!

She has appeared in a whole host of outfits, some more garish than fashionable, but this post rehearsal dress down is by far my personal favourite. Her performance on stage of Gwen Stefani’s No Doubt classic Don’t Speak was equally mindblowing.

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